Excitement surrounds new import

Coach Rob Roberts is confident that Tiras Morton will prove a valuable addition to the team. 339121 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS.

By Jonty Ralphsmith

Pakenham Warriors men have brought in import Tiras Morton to replace Malik Colvin-Seldon who received a contract in Mexico.

A Texan from Lubbock Christian University, Morton has played the last two games after receiving the late call-up.

He arrived just four days before his Warriors debut.

“We’ve found a good one – he’s straight out of college and packed up when we gave him the call,” coach Rob Roberts said.

“He’s an absolute ripper.

“He’s started really well and we can see the change even from game one where he was trying to settle in.

“He’s already making a big splash.

“We got him for his defensive pressure and he definitely does that.”

The Warriors got a glimpse of Morton’s skills late in the first half on Sunday against Sunbury, cutting the angle for a steal, fast break and dunk.

He finished with nine points, 12 rebounds and four assists in Pakenham’s 83-79 victory over Sunbury, and spent time on Josh Yorke-Frazer, who was well contained in the second half after 21 points before halftime.

“He came out and lit it up in the first half and we changed our defence on him in the second – he was definitely a focus so it was nice to limit him,” Roberts said.

Pakenham managed the last few minutes well, scores level for much of the period before the visitors took a lead it wouldn’t surrender with a tick under two minutes to go.

The Warriors face the 2-7 Blackburn on the road on Saturday.