140 local job set for Zinfra depot

Zinfra is gearing up for the opening of it's new Pakenham depot. Picture: SUPPLIED

Zinfra, a provider of energy infrastructure services, is gearing up for the opening of its new depot in Pakenham which has the potential to provide more local employment opportunities.

This move marks the latest phase in the expansion of the company’s Distribution Services team, which has been actively growing since its inception in mid-2021.

Initially catering to projects for AusNet, Zinfra’s Distribution Services team has seen significant growth, expanding its clientele to include Jemena and United Energy, along with various private customers. Initially with 10 members on staff at the Keysborough depot, the team transitioned through several locations before settling in Pakenham.

The selection of Pakenham as the site for the new depot was influenced by its capacity for future growth and its strategic location, which allows Zinfra to efficiently manage and scale its operations.

The depot is equipped with modern facilities and constructed with the highest safety standards to ensure the wellbeing of all staff and the community.

The current team, consisting of 55 field staff and 14 support staff, is set to increase to 60+ field staff and 18 support staff, with the new depot having capacity to cater for up to 140 staff in the future.

Craig Booth, Manager of Zinfra Power Services South Distribution and the project lead, shared his enthusiasm for the development of the Pakenham Depot and its impact on the local community.

“The new Zinfra depot is not just an investment in our company’s infrastructure, it is an investment in the Pakenham community. We are committed to fostering local talent and with this expansion there is the potential to support more jobs and provide further training opportunities,” Mr. Booth said.

The construction of the new permanent office and warehouse facilities was managed by a local developer, and the Zinfra team is now smoothly transitioning into their new work environment.

Mr Booth said that the project is a testament to Zinfra’s dedication to exceptional service delivery and its role as a catalyst for local economic development.

“We are eager to complete this project not only to enhance our operational capabilities but also to bring more employment opportunities to the region,“ Mr Booth said.

“We believe in growing with the community, and as our team expands, so does our ability to contribute positively to the local economy.

The new depot is expected to become a hub for skilled labour, drawing from the local workforce and reinforcing Zinfra’s commitment to diversity and innovation in employment.“