No keeping Craigs apart

The Craig's of Bevan Court are gearing up for a night of beers around the fire.

By Mitchell Clarke

In a time of uncertainty, the residents of Bevan Court in Pakenham are trying to maintain some normality by keeping the community spirit alive.

With strict social distancing measures in place to stop the spread of the coronavirus, the two Craigs of the court came up with a ripper idea to (legally) stay in touch.

A chalk marking in the middle of the road very clearly depicts each neighbours’ respective corner.

“We’ve got a great court, everyone knows each other and everyone just has a good time,” Craig Magrath explained.

In a bid to cure the isolation boredom, the residents plan on bringing out the camp chairs and gathering around a communal fire, which will be placed in the middle of the divider, to have a few beers.

“It’s what we’d probably do on a regular night,” he laughed.

“It’s a tough time for everyone, there’s a lot of heartbreak at the moment, so we’re just trying to keep the community spirit alive.”

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