Council not keen on Kmart

The proposed site of the complex. 194180_01

By Mitchell Clarke and Jessica Anstice

It seems as though Cardinia Shire Council aren’t listening to the deafening screams to build a Kmart in the municipality.

At this stage, Pakenham won’t be home to the popular discount department store, despite the hype surrounding a proposed complex at the vacant site in front of Cardinia Life.

The complex was set to feature the Kmart along with Coles, a cinema, medical centre and various speciality retail and food/beverage outlets.

As recommended in council’s town planning report, the proposed use and development of the land is contrary to the purpose and objectives of the Cardinia Shire Planning Scheme and therefore “should not be supported”.

The decision has angered the community, with Kmart fanatics taking to social media to voice their despair.

“Well then I’ll simply deduct the costs of the extra travel from (council’s) ridiculous rates invoice,” one social media user commented.

“Good on you Cardinia Council. Just keep building new estates but have nothing here for the people to do but walk around our pathetic excuse of a shopping centre,” another added.

One man, Graham Wilson said it could be time to “refresh the council” stating this type of development would be “great” for a growing township.

But some people believe Pakenham is already too congested and a complex like this would contribute to more pain on the roads.

“It’s not that big of a deal really is it? Less congestion on the roads, and honestly it would only be a place for the thugs to hang out and cause trouble,” Jude Newman-Tope said.

“We have enough of that as it is. Fountain Gate is close enough.”

Kmart Australia said they were always looking for new locations to bring their stores, including Pakenham.

“At this time we will continue to explore store location options and advise the community with a formal announcement on completion,” a Kmart spokesperson said.

Council will discuss the proposed complex in their town planning meeting on Monday 2 September.