Walking for body positivity

Emerald Lake Park. 164986 Picture: JESSE GRAHAM

By Mitchell Clarke

A fundraiser for a documentary which will aim to teach body positivity to kids will be held at Emerald Lake Park.

The event for body positive women, non-binary people and their kids will challenge participants to walk as far as they can around the lake.

Participants will be given a map of the nearby trails and three hours to cover the various trails.

All money raised will go towards the creation of a body positive documentary called ‘Embrace Kids’.

The director of the documentary Taryn Brumfitt will lead a team of creative and health professionals to bring the film into the classrooms of many children.

The event will begin at the Poolside Picnic Shelter at the Emerald Lake Park on Sunday 26 May from 9.45am till 12.00pm.For more and how to register: https://www.cardinia.vic.gov.au/events/event/775/body_positive_walkathon_-_supporting_the_embrace_kids_doco