Match Play triumph for Jusic

Tom Blackwood watches his rock roll towards the hole at Garfield Golf Club. 410430 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS


The long-awaited final of the Summer Cup Match Play Championship was played at Garfield Golf Club on Saturday between Mick Jusic and Shane Male.

Jusic qualified for the final with consecutive 2/1 wins over Brian Seers and Clint Williams.

Male’s trip to the final consisted of qualifying wins over Gary Bassett on the 19th and a 2/1 victory over Steve Clark.

Jusic took out the final, winning 3/2 against Male, a two-time club champion; well done to both players.

The other Match Play final between the club’s current two best players (in my opinion), Chris Thorn and Tym Davey, will be played this week.

The other huge achiever for the week was 73-year-old Trevor Male, who shot 72 off the stick on Monday to join the ‘shoot or better your age’ club, which over the last 35 years consists of Brian Tindall, Des Kerr and just a fortnight ago Ash Graham.

Well done Trevor who carded just 24 putts for his round!

Thursday was the coldest June day in five years with the temperature scraping into double figures for the day’s event of single stroke which, never the less, attracted a field of 77 players.

Richard Perry had the best of it winning the A Grade event with a round of 74/nett 66 whilst Rex Jobling tasted success in the B Grade event with a round of 98/nett 69.

A final countback score of nett 73 was the number to finish in the prize money.

In a tough day for scoring just the four birdies were achieved for the day on the par threes.

Saturday was a game of single stableford and attracted a very good field of 135 punters, which meant there were the four grades up for decision.

Best in for the A Grade event was Hayden MacDonald who via a countback from Chris Davies with a round of +2.

Sam Butler got the nod in the B Grade event, also with a round of +2, whilst Greg Nicholls won the C Grade event with the same score.

Daniel Makepeace, a new name, won the D Grade event with a round of +1.

All up a total of nine players finished up on the plus side for the day.

In a better day for birdies, compared to Thursday, a total of 16 birdies were scored on the par threes with the new 13th giving up six of those.

Andrew Harry scored a pair of those birdies for his round.

A really good field of 90 players turned out on the ‘Public Holiday’ Monday which meant three grades were up for decision.

Cameron Struylaart had the week’s best result with a very nice 43 points to win the C Grade event.

Trevor Male’s best-ever round of 42 points; 72 off the stick, got him the A Grade win while John Milkins tasted success in the B Grade event with a score of 41 points.

The course gave up a total of 19 birdies for the day on the par threes with, once again, the 13th giving up seven of those.

Darren Allen scored a pair of birdies for his round.

This Saturday is a game of single stableford.


• Sunday/Single Stableford/Field of 24

Winner: Matt Hogan (14) 35 C/B, second Rob Coates (12) 35, third Stuart Sheppard (20) 34 C/B.

Down the lines went down to countback scores of 30 points (4).

Nearest the pins went to 4th Stuart Sheppard, 8th David Manning, 9th Josh Ward, 11th Allan Milkins, 13th Darren Allen and 16th Gary Bassett.

• Monday/Single Stableford/Field of 90

A Grade: Trevor Male (9) 42, second Trevor Franklin (11) 39, third Peter McNeish (5) 37.

B Grade: John Milkins (19) 41, second Tony Mafodda (17) 39, third John Curtin (16) 38.

C Grade: Cameron Struylaart (29) 43, second Jake Derham (29) 38 C/B, third Rod Beard (23) 38.

Down the lines went down to countback scores of 34 points (16).

Nearest the pins went to 4th Darren Grayson, 8th Robert Norris, 9th and 13th Darren Allen, 11th Trevor Franklin and 16th Trevor Male.

• Thursday/Stroke/Field of 77

A Grade: Richard Perry (8) 66, second Dave Pateman (10) 67, third Paul Kaye (14) 70 C/B.

B Grade: Rex Jobling (29) 69, second Ron Parsons (24) 70, third Alan Borch (25) 72 C/B.

Down the lines went down to all countback scores of 73 (14).

Nearest the pins went to 4th Darren Grayson, 8th Trevor Franklin, 9th Sam Butler, 11th John Blair, 13th John Scale and 16th Dave Pateman.

• Saturday/Single Par/Field of 135

A Grade: Hayden MacDonald (9) +2 C/B, second Chris Davies (8) +2, third Darren Mouser (10) Square.

B Grade: Sam Butler (16) +2, second David Werner (14) +1 C/B, third Dylan Skinner (13) +1.

C Grade: Greg Nicholls (19) +2, second Daryl Hargreaves (22) +1, third Darren Manley (21) +1.

D Grade: Dan Makepeace (29) +1, second Dale Leggett (23) Square C/B, third Mick Danaher (24) Square.

Down the lines went down to all scores of minus 2 (26).

Nearest the pins went to 4th Daryl Hargreaves, 8th Andrew Harry, 9th Brenton Hollingworth, 11th Grant Close, 13th Andrew Harry, 16th Darren Grayson.

Second Shots: A Grade: Chris Davies. B Grade: Bob Collins. C Grade: Garry Tivendale.

• Saturday/Ladies/Single Par

Winner: Jennifer Sullivan (12) +1.

Nearest the pins went to 4th Tina Cowie, 8th Leesa Matthews, 13th Maria Delaney and 16th Jennifer Sullivan.

-Terry Webster-