Main Street designs set

Current Main Street gateway.

By Corey Everitt

The long-waited redevelopment of Main Street, Pakenham, has hit a major milestone with the final designs for the revamp being approved by the council this week.

Stage 1 designs of the Pakenham Revitalisation Project were affirmed at the latest council meeting on Monday 17 June, giving further insight into the new look set for Main Street.

With early works expected to begin in September, the project will cover the main gateway from Bald Hill Road to John Street and redevelop the strip with wider footpaths, more outdoor seating and improved lighting, aiming to garner a slick new architectural design promoting mixed space for retail foot traffic and social events.

“It is our most populous area, it is our most widely used area and it should be a lamp stand in our area,” Cr Ross said on the motion.

“With the revitalisation and the money we have, Stage 1 will begin that process.”

The designs confirmed the centre of Main Street will be changed to accommodate only parallel parking. With reportedly 83 per cent in the consultation supporting parking at the edge of the activity centre, parking will be accommodated by spaces like the James Street car park.

Main Street will not be changed to one-way traffic; the council contracted a traffic report which said the proposal would cause congestion issues for the wider area.

The designs follow an extensive consultation process with residents and traders. Some of the most supported opportunities of the redevelopment were the prospect of increased variety of retail and options for outdoor dining.

Improving lighting, upgrading footpaths and increasing pedestrian crossing were among the most common issues wanting to be addressed.

Works are set to begin in September where through to the end of the year, ‘minimal disruptive works’ will commence to alleviate traders during the busy end of year period.

“The team we have all been working with on this project has been absolutely fantastic,” Cr Ryan said.

“We’ve had some hiccups, but we have overcome those hiccups.”

The contract for the project will be required to develop a ‘disruption mitigation plan’ to address local business concerns.

By January 2025 ‘full construction’ will begin. The project has a budget of approximately $2.4 million; the design report says $1.5 million comes from the State Government’s Growing Suburbs Fund.

This confirms stage 1 of 12 that will upgrade the wider Pakenham Activity Centre.

The motion was carried unanimously.