Deposit scheme stays popular in Pakenham

Pakenham depot staff members Jagdeep Kaur, Kyeong Morris and Elyce Collins. 382788 Picture: LJUBICA VRANKOVIC

The Pakenham Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) depot has been the fourth most popular drop-off point, with a total of 7.7 million containers making their way through the depot since the scheme’s launch in last November.

Victorians continue to step up to the challenge in record numbers, returning an average of 138 containers per transaction with CDS Vic processing around 17 million cans, cartons and bottles statewide every week.

The Hallam depot came in third place with 10.9 million containers dropped off, Melton’s depot in second place with 14.7 million containers and Williamstown’s depot in first place with 18.3 containers.

Containers collected through CDS Vic can be transformed into all kinds of new things, including material for roads, furniture, construction, textiles and more – creating new economic opportunities that will support more than 600 jobs across Victoria.

Once fully rolled out in August, Victorians will be able to return eligible drink containers to about 600 refund points across the state.

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