Pakenham boom gates gone

The McGregor Road boomgates being lifted into a truck.

Pakenham’s boom gates are now gone as the local level crossings’ time halting traffic comes to an end.

Three sets of boom gates have been dismantled from McGregor Road, Main Street and Racecourse Road at Pakenham this week, as crews work around the clock on the Pakenham Line. Since beginning the construction blitz last Friday night, crews on site have:

-removed three sets of boom gates from the roads

-demolished the old Pakenham Station and platforms

-removed redundant rail track, overhead wires and old railway infrastructure

-completed asphalting Ryan Road in East Pakenham.

-Works have also begun to connect the new section of track with the old section of Pakenham Line.

The first test train will run to East Pakenham next week, testing the track, overhead wiring and rail infrastructure.

When trains resume service on Monday 3 June, Pakenham will be level crossing free, and both the new Pakenham and East Pakenham stations will welcome passengers.

Work will continue at Pakenham Station as crews install lifts and permanent stairs. A shuttle bus will connect Pakenham with nearby stations for those who cannot use stairs.