Mission Australia opens Youth Survey for 2024

The Youth Survey is an opportunity for Mission Australia to learn from Victoria's youth.

By Emma Xerri

Mission Australia is once again inviting input from Victoria’s young people in the charity’s 23rd annual Youth Survey.

Open to all Victorians aged 15-19, the survey is an invaluable opportunity for young people to share and bring attention to what they view as the key issues impacting the country, as well as a platform to highlight their own personal challenges.

Last year’s survey proved incredibly insightful for Mission Australia, who received 6000 responses.

These results indicated that the environment (51%), equity and discrimination (33%), and the economy and financial matters (31%) are the issues Victoria’s youth believe are most important in Australia.

A quarter of Victorian respondents (25%) also said they were treated unfairly or discriminated against in the last year, most commonly due to their race/cultural background, physical appearance, and gender.

Mission Australia State Director for VIC, Nada Nasser, said the Youth Survey gives a rare insight into the challenges facing young people.

“At Mission Australia, we work hard to support young people through what can be a tough time in their lives,” she said.

“We know young people thrive when they have a stable and safe environment in which they can be themselves, and our programs aim to be a welcoming space for all.”

The survey focuses on a wide range of topics, including questions on mental health and wellbeing, sources of support and community connections, housing and financial situation, climate change, and personal concerns such as body image, bullying, discrimination and stress.

Social media use, loneliness and opinions relating to alcohol and drugs will be additional focus areas for 2024.

Young people are also asked to provide solutions to the personal issues they face.

The Youth Survey is open from April to August and takes 20 minutes to complete.

Respondents can complete the survey online, either through arrangements with participating schools or groups, or individually through Mission Australia’s website at www.missionaustralia.com.au/youthsurvey.

Results of the 2024 survey will be published in November and shared with government and non-government organisations, schools and the public.