More information on Clay case


Further information has surfaced about the alleged circumstances around Carol Clay and Russell Hill’s disappearance.

Earlier this month, police released images of a blue four-wheel-drive – believed to be a mid-to-late-1990s model Nissan Patrol – taken by a safety camera in the area at the time Mr Hill and Ms Clay went missing.

Witnesses reported a number of sightings of the vehicle including near the campsite, with police yet to track down the driver or exclude them as a person of interest.

Police believe the pair may have had an altercation with another camper, possibly the driver of the blue 4WD.

It was towing a trailer and heard performing a 20 to 30-point turn on a narrow track the night the pair vanished.

The car is a Series 1 and built between 1997 and 2001 and had an awning on the side branded “KINGS” and a PVC water pipe on the driver’s side.

Apparently, Mr Hill’s sister Jill knew the pair were in a secret relationship despite Mr Hill being married.

She believes that was part of the reason they travelled remotely together for their trips.

Premier Daniel Andrews said it had been a “very difficult couple of years for all of us”.

“When some of these tragedies happen, what may well be a tragedy, it just brings home all that we’ve done, all that we’ve given, and the things that matter most, and its safety,” he told reporters.

-With AAP