Spotlight on shelter’s unpopular pack

AAPS volunteer Morgan with border collie-staffy George, Amber with red heeler Sauce, Jamie with ridgeback-mastiff Blue and Alex with bull-Arab Scarlett ahead of the Pity Party. 385012_01 Picture: GARY SISSONS

A ‘pity party’ is being held for a Keysborough animal shelter’s senior residents who have been in long wait for a new home.

Australian Animal Protection Society will stage a festival of crafts, face painting, foods and shelter tours on Saturday 3 February so animal lovers can ‘commiserate’ with its long-overlooked dogs, cats, guinea pigs and rabbits.

“We would love as many people as possible to come down and support us as we aim to shine a light on the animals that need us,” general manager Megan Seccull said.

“So often, the young, the cute, and the purebred animals get all the attention, so we want to raise awareness through our Pity Party to those who have so much love to give but get overlooked.”

Among the often unwanted are large dogs – the victim of unfounded myths such as that they require more exercise, more space, are more aggressive and harder to train.

As part of the drive, AAPS is waiving adoption fees for its “long term, senior and medically challenged” animals.

Since Christmas, AAPS is under further strain by a higher number of ‘unwanted presents’ – that is, surrendered animals.

Many former owners surrender their pets before they go away or are unable to afford to keep pets due to cost-of-living pressures, according to AAPS.

AAPS’s Pity Party is at 26 Aegean Court Keysborough on Saturday 3 February, 11am-2pm. Free entry. Requested donations for shelter tours of $10pp or $20 for a family:

Two hampers each worth $500 are available to be won.