Edelweiss Casey Choir shines in cultural extravaganza

The celebratory event opened with the drama: Tale of Mid-Autumn. Picture: ROB CAREW 364930_02

By Violet Li

Edelweiss Casey Choir has brightened up the Hallam Community Theatre with a cultural performance to celebrate Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese National Day on Saturday 7 October.

Themed Mid-Autumn Greetings, Endless Homesickness, the cultural extravaganza welcomed guests from various backgrounds to mark the unique blend of two big moments for Chinese communities.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is recognised as one of the most important festivals in Chinese culture.

Falling on 29 September this year, it observes traditions of reuniting with the family to worship the moon, savouring moon cakes, and praying for a spouse, beauty, longevity or a good fortune.

Chinese National Day is celebrated annually on 1 October, following the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The event has seen the presence of Song Chong Sheng (who is Consul of the People’s Republic of China in Melbourne) and his wife, Xiao Ying (Consul of the People’s Republic of China in Melbourne), former State MP Luke Donnellan, Victorian Multicultural Ambassador Zhao Jie Bao, Federation of Chinese Association Victoria former president Qian Heng Yu, and Federation of Chinese Association Victoria executive vice president Zheng Chang Zhen.

Chisholm MP Dr Carina Garland sent a message to extend her best wishes for the choir’s successful performance.

The director of the Edelweiss Casey Choir, Dr Emily Hu opened the celebratory performance by expressing her gratitude to the government, sponsors, and the Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Melbourne.

She emphasised the choir’s essence – elegance, wisdom, practicality, and warmth – and their dedication to enriching Victoria’s multiculturalism.

The performance showcased a diverse array of cultural theatrics, including a Mongolian dance, Guzheng solo, Beijing opera singing, and Spanish bullfight dance.

The event reached its zenith with a lavish meal and a raffle event offering prizes, including champagne, face masks, eyelashes, shapewear, and a Hisense air conditioner.

Attendees received a taste of Chinese tradition as they were gifted moon cakes handmade by the choir members.

Over 600 moon cakes were crafted as a symbolisation of the spirit of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Before the show ran out, Edelweiss Casey Choir extended their appreciation to all attendees for joining them in the celebration of culture, unity, and a sense of belonging.

Dr Hu said the Edelweiss Casey Choir’s Mid-Autumn Greetings, Endless Homesickness cultural performance is not only a celebration of Chinese culture but also a testament to the harmony that can be achieved when diverse communities come together.

“It served as a reminder that regardless of our backgrounds,” she said.

“We all share the universal language of music and the warmth of togetherness, thanks in no small part to the tireless efforts of their music director Moli Xu, whose dedication and talent made this successful event possible.”