RE: Same-sex marriage.
People are reluctant to share their opinions, (sans Cr Crestani) for fear of being labelled a bigot.
I am tired of being labelled homophobic (when I have many dear friends who are homosexual),
or just because I do not hold the same opinion as the rainbow brigade.
This debate is no longer about “who you love” but more about the power of a minority.
To argue that “love is grounds enough for marriage” holds no ground:
Let me explain:
1. I love my brother – can I marry him? Nope.
2. I love my (married) next door neighbour – can I marry him? Nope.
3. I want to have three husbands … nope, can’t.
4. I want to marry my 13-year-old lover … nope, can’t.
5. I love my dog, can I marry him? Nope, can’t.
I could continue infinitum.
To quote ‘Mick’ “you can’t always get what you want”!
To take the religious view: marriage is a sacrament. It does not belong to the state, it belongs to the churches. The state cannot change something that doesn’t belong to them. The only reason the state began registering marriages was to keep track of who was married to whom.
Don’t open the Pandora’s box to other minority groups who don’t like what we have in situ.
To those who think this is about equality or human rights? We have no precedent in this country for breaches of human rights.
We have never had slavery, so that argument doesn’t stick.
We have never had separatism, so that argument is also moot.
So don’t call me homophobic just because I don’t agree with you. I don’t call you a racist just because you don’t like the postman (my postman is Greek!)
And yes, I have put my name in full because I don’t hide behind others and I trust this debate is an adult one and no recriminations or verbal attacks will follow my letter.
Jenny Cuffe,
Narre Warren South.

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